Life Drawing_Short Poses_20171113_t04w06

Life Drawing_Short Poses_20171113_t04w06

20171113_t04w06 life drawing standing male nude

During one of the session, M showed me something quite different. It really clicked at the moment, but I have since forgotten what exactly it was. We were talking about the arm, the shadow line qualities in particular. Something I am still struggling to distinguish. I seem to have a hard time seeing the big difference, same problem I have with unifying big value groups, then making a stroke that represents it well. Right now I can only say, perhaps practice focusing on one part of the body, such as the arm next time, eventually it will become more intuative. First I must realized my knowledge on this part of drawing is almost like a new born baby. Never really paid much attention to this detail. Now it's time to spend a lot of time trying and train my hand and brain to cooperate in interpretation of line qualities. I'm certain this is what's missing in my toolbox. I will have to improve this part to be able to move forward in my development.

20171113_t04w06 life drawing standing male mid age

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