Life Drawing_Short Poses_20170425_t03w02

Life Drawing_Short Poses_20170425_t03w02

First week of trimester is always short poses, so I have a few short poses in this review post. I think I am generally doing better than I was from the first trimester. The contour design is more well thought of and useful overlaps are being discovered. I can't say much on my accuracy though, I must say it has not been my number 1 concern this past 2 weeks, I am sure I will have to revisit this issue soon, possibly using the mirror to check more often, as a few clever school mates mentioned today.

short poses collection

Sorry I have been forgetting to take the picture of the block in stages for comparison, here is at least one...

shortpose_step compare


shortpose_old man standing pose 2 hours

shortpose_standing leaning pose

shortpose_standing back pose

no details, no details, block in only during short pose sessions. I think I am starting to really see the importance of this practice. The more I think about painting the more I think I need to be fast and accurate. Sure we can do transfer drawing, but paint will be pushed and mixed, and most likely wont leave much solid lines for you to refer to in the process of painting. Our focus on practicing getting proportion right is like the secret to mastering kungfu; by keeping the lines simple, we quickly put down and redraw all the time, aiming for the correct proportions. We do it again and again until it is perfect. Not being too specific what perfect means though, here may be a topic to go with a drink ; )

shortpose_sitting pose

short pose_sitting side view

short pose_ man stnading pose


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