Life Drawing_Short Poses_20170312_t02w09

Life Drawing_Short Poses_20170312_t02w09

2 hours each evening pose (below)

shortpose_life drawing 01

2 hours standing life drawing pose with 2 step images.(below) Maybe since I have not been drawing models from the absolute front, this pose was rather difficult for me.shortpose_life drawing 02_steps

3 hours pose each. ( below) We had a few days of uncertainty because our long pose model got really sick. We got to experiment with some more dynamic poses for a couple of morning sessions.

shortposes_life drawing 03

2 hours standing pose. ( below) This was also a relatively more dynamic pose. I think my state of mind shows through from my drawings. I was more focused and confident during this session and I also like the pose to begin with. Sometimes when I am feeling ill or distracted, drawings come out saying exactly that. Very interesting, it is not always the skill level, but often the state of drawing_2 steps_block in to contour

3 hours open drawing session. ( below) Was free to experiment so wanted to study the muscle shading on the back. I think maybe I could learn more combing this method of anatomy study in addition to our current anatomy class. The actual shading process with keeping in mind of the muscles that creates the forms and the light and shadows.

life drawing_sitting pose_back pose

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