Evening Classes_Anatomy_20171226_t04w11

Evening Classes_Anatomy_20171226_t04w11

Past couple weeks we been working on the arms and hands, plus a few session to refine the skeleton, as we will start adding muscles next trimester. I had to slim down the arm and leg bones significantly, the joints at the ankle and knee were also too chuncky.


Humerus(upper arm)- Humerus Head on the upper end, 2 epicondyles at the lower end that forms the elbow. Radius- Rotating lower arm bone on the lateral side when palm facing upwards, head at the upper side, the bigger head at the wrist joint, align to the thumb side ), Ulna (lower arm). Radius's head is on the lateral side(outside) on the elbow side and Ulna on the medial side(inside), and they never change position on the elbow end. Instead, Radius and Ulna switch side on the side of our hand, when we flip our palm upwards or downwards. When our palm faces upwards (supination), radius is on the lateral side, no cross over between Radius and Ulna. When our palm faces downwards( pronation), radius is on the medial side, radius crosses over Ulna. 

ecroche hands

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