Evening Classes_Anatomy_20171125_t04w08

Evening Classes_Anatomy_20171125_t04w08

 We've been working on the feet, clavicle and the scapula.

The feet:

The tarsus( base of foot), metatarsals(base of toes) and the phalanges(the toes). Tarsus -  one long rectangular cuboid bone on the lateral side connecting the navicular(round disk) bone and the 3 cuneiform bones in a row. Talus, make up the anckles, the bone supporting the tibia and fibula. Calcaneus ( the heel).


Shoulder Girdle:

Clavicle connects the arm to the body and keeps the scapula in place. It forms connection at the manubrium, connects to the scapulat at the acromion process. 2 clavicle bones forms a bow(for arrows) shape viewed from top, pointing the anterior direction.

Scapula is really something you'd have to have a model to look at and draw a few views from to understand the spacial relation better. Some important landmarks to know are the spine, medial border, acromion process. Later when dealing with muscles we would learn that the coracoid process on the inside of scapula is important for muscle attachments, and lastly, the glenoid cavity is for the attachment of the arm, the round head of the humerus bone(upper arm). 

ecroche clavicle scapula feet

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