Evening Classes_Anatomy_20171113_t04w06

Evening Classes_Anatomy_20171113_t04w06

Rib cage:(major form of it is currently wrong need to take sone time to fix it.)

Manubrium connects 1st and 2nd ribs, Sternum connects the costal cartilage from 2nd to 10th ribs, Xyphoid process lines up between 5th to 7th ribs. coastal cartilage exist from 1st to 10th ribs, 11th and 12th are floating ribs, mostly visible from the side and back view. 4th and 8th ribs as angle break in front view. 7th vertebrae is the furthest out from side view. 1st and 2nd ribs sit above the clavicle.


7 cervical (neck) vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae (rib cage for 12 ribs), 5 lumbar vertebrae (lower back) and 5 fused sacral vertrbrae ( pelvic, to connect to the hip bone, illiac), 4 fused coccyx the tail, mostly for muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor.

cervical and lumbar have concave curve, curve points towards the front of the body. thoracic and sacrum have convex curve, curve points towards the back of body.


Sacrum (really a part of the spine), Illium(2 ear like flaps), ischium ( the bottom parts where we sit on), pubic ( the lower front of the pelvis), pubic symphysis (a cartilage connecting the 2 pubic bones, where penis attaches). Acetabulum is a concave round hole for the hip joint.

20171113_t04w06 anatomy ecorche rib cage pelvis


Frontal (forehead), nasal, zygomatic (cheeck), mandible (jaw), Maxilla (connects cheek, nose and mouth), temporal (ear hole and lower sides of head), patietal ( covers large area of upper side and back od head), occipital (lower back side of head). Perhaps we will come back to more details of the skull when I am painting portraits. There are 22 bones after all! 

20171113_t04w06 ecroche carving out ribs and refining pelvis


Femur(upper leg, cylindrycal cross section, upper head, greater trochanter and lesser trochanter.)

Patella, tibia ( with 2 condyles on top flattened on top and front, rounded on sides and back, T shaped, triangular cross section, with tuberosity to attach with patella ligaments. Medial malleolus, lower inner end forms part of the ankle joint)

Fibula (thinner, exterior, starts below the patella, laterial malleolus forms the outer ankle.)

20171113_t04w06 anatomy ecroche leg

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