Grunnur að olíumálun

- using the training methods of the French Academy


I recommend taking at least one Bargue drawing course before moving to this foundation painting course. The reason is that the methods we will use for painting build strictly on the observational methods we study in academic drawing.

The course offers flexible attendance in an Atelier environment.  There are 2-3x 3 hour long lessons available each week depending on demand. Each student selects 8 lessons in total that best fits his schedule.  Students therefore attend a total of 24 hours of training under instruction in order to complete the course. The course focuses on the medium of oil paint, but applying classical realist methods as introduced in the drawing course.

  • The painting course costs 54,000. ISK
  • Location: Vinnustofur Listamanna, Lyngási 7, Garðabæ. (7 mins walk from Ásgarður stop by Bus1 )
  • Instruction will be in English
  • COVID: We will adhere to a 2m rule between students. (masks and hand sanitizers will also be provided)

Note that everyone will receive an introduction to the methodology before beginning their exercises, so it is not necessary to attend any one particular day for the first lesson.

Click the button below to create your booking and make sure to select "painting" as program type. After creating your booking you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on payment and more. You will also receive a link that allows you to modify your booking at a later date, such as if you need to move your lesson dates.


Please send an email to for any questions or assistance in signing up. 


This course follows the French academic method, expanding on the Bargue drawing foundation introduced in the drawing lessons (see drawing lessons course description). We will use the exact same methods of sight size observation and form simplification, except here applied with the oil painting medium and its technicalities.

During the course, the student will complete one painting based on a transfer of a sketch or a previous Bargue drawing, using a gray scale palette. Furthermore the student will complete 2-3 alla prima paintings from still life setup using both gray scale and limited color palettes.


  • know how to perform oil transfer from a sketch or drawing
  • be familiar with the character and challenges of traditional oil mediums
  • be familiar with a gray scale oil palette for controlling values
  • be familiar with a limited oil palette for introducing temperature
  • be familiar with the technicalities of alla-prima (direct wet on wet painting)
  • know how to mix a palette into tone values and temperatures
  • have learned about preparatory work, sketches and oil studies

Instruction method: Students will receive instructions individually in a studio environment.

About the instructor: Linda Jen is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art where she trained in classical realist painting using many of the traditional methods introduced in this course. Linda is a member of the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM).