20171113_t04w06 summary

Crazy month since starting school. It felt like everything is happening and everything is going the wrong way. 
Packages didn't arrive, luggage left behind, long-delayed payments, and on top of all, felt extremely limited by my skill level and guilt towards my family.
I wonder if every painter felt this way at some point in their life? Lost with purpose and loneliness is such a scary feeling.
I think I really need to start my projects that's been brewing in my head. My use of weekends are really not up to par. I expected more action and discipline from myself. So if it means I won't take jobs that don't pay, then yes. I'll go less to the bar, yes , I must try : p. However, through years of experience, ive known myself to do better maintaining a regular amount of time for social activities, or simply being in contact with other nice human beings. I'm considering forgetting about learning Swedish, learning a language is really a full time job. Then I'll have to just catch on with my Icelandic after my next 2 years of study.
There, I think I just cleared all my schedules on weekends! Nothing in the way of making my projects coming to life.

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