Don't have much to say this week. My only thought this week was: How do I make up 30 years lost time in 3 years? It's going to be very hard to work 10 times harder than others. I only have 24 hours a day, and I must at least sleep 7 hours a day, so time wise it's possible to have 3 times more. to make that closer to 10 times more, I will need to use my time at least 2 times wiser than others... It turns out to be a very tiring thought, I decided to be realistic and just do as much as I can at school. Keep on doing what I've been doing on the weekends. Get as much mileage as I can without burning out. Let's work hard with no burnouts.

Visit separate blog posts for better images of each project. 

t02w03_longpose  Long Pose 03 
 t02w03_Bargue_03  Bargue 03
t02w03_masterCopy  Master Study
t02w03_Anatomy  Anatomy
It's a shame, I was ill this past weekend so don't have anything for Portrait Club 

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