Start of New Trimester_20170115

Start of New Trimester_20170115

Hey hey hey, the start of a new trimester. My second to be specific. It's really good to refresh. Read a fun fantasy book all day and spend quality time with family. Now I'm recharged and ready to get back to work! 乾啦!

This trimester I will be drawing a level 3 Bargue, a cast and 2 full value long poses!! Full of exciting challenges ahead.

I have been told so many times that I should change my life pose drawings as the model changes. I resisted this instruction for quite a while ever since my first long pose. I just can't wrap my head around the concept. I do not know how this will help me because I felt so much frustration the last term trying to do so. However, today I decided it's time I take this serious and give it a good try. From this week's drawing, I've experimented with keeping things more lose, working faster without getting into too much measuring and meticulous checking. Inspired by these words "I don't do so much measuring anymore because I think it's boring."  : D This person however had the skills and right to say so. I do think it's a lot more fun this way, but still doing my checks, just quickly. Because life models move, aiming to work fast and lose should support the "change the drawing as the model changes" idea. I'm accepting this as it is a way to practice getting the big impression and understanding different poses.

First 2 mornings I've done a few value charcoal studies, warming up for our full value figure drawings. 

I started with a fun piece for my Wednesday evening master copy. It has cloth, hair, beard and shapes I can practice with. I think I'm off to a good new start. For my 3rd Bargue I picked  the Belvedere Torso. Oh, and let's not forget our portrait club organized by A! Come join us, it's challenging but fun!

Check out the separate blog posts of each project for better images and more specific descriptions.


 Long Pose 03
 Bargue 03
 Master Study
 Portrait Club


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