School Trip to Stockholm_20170403_t02w11

School Trip to Stockholm_20170403_t02w11

First place we visited was Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde museum, besides the beautiful rooms with wonderful views, there was Prins Eugens collection of Anders ZornWe can see both etchings and painting of same subject.


Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde
A portrait of Queen Sophia(by Zorn), an influential Queen considered a liberal and democratic stateswoman and mother of Prince Eugene, an artist and patron of artists.

Andres Zorn etching and painting- Queen Sophia 1909

"Våren/ Spring" A painting by Prince Eugen. (below)

Prince Engen Prins Eugen


The brush stokes(line quality soft v.s. sharp) and light v.s. dark shapes create the impression of cloth and folds. I was going to get a close up on the knee fold on the dress, but I was violating the rules by getting too close to the paintings. I am grateful we were allowed pictures and that she did not try to kick me out. lol 

Andres Zorn painting folds close up - Queen Sophia 1909etching and water

The next exciting event, visiting Julius Kronberg's studio.( for wiki link should try the Swedish link and use google translate, English page has limited info)

Beside a lot of sketches and studies in drawing and painting form, he obviously uses maquettes/ sculptures in his process.

small studies display on wall for Kronberg's visiting clients

julius kronberg studiesjulius kronberg studiesjulius kronberg studies


small study showing a part of underpaintingjulius kronberg studies underpaintingjulius kronberg studies dramatic theater

This work above must have been a part of the painting for Dramaten, Sweden's National Theater. I found a website with a image of the ceiling here. Plus, below are more links I found for information and images of Julius Kronberg's art work.

Thule Art Gallery
The ArtStack
Skansen - where Kronberg's studio is located

The last place visited was Thielska Galleriet

Here below we have another Swedish artist from the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts Richard Bergh(1858-1919) "Riddaren och jungfrun" (top left), an interesting shiny armor piece by Eugéne Jansson(1862-1915). Painting on the right by a wildlife painter, Bruno Liljefors(1860-1939). The lower row showing more etchings by Anders Zorn(1860-1920) .
*for reference: Prins Eugen(1865-1947), Julius Kronberg(1850-1921), Oscar Björck(1860-1929).

Thielska Galleriet

( below) observing water painting technique by Andres Zorn(1860-1920) and Gustav Fjaestad(1868-1948).

Thielska Galleriet

*other related female artists not mentioned above: Anna Bilinska-bohdanowicz(1857-1893)Eva Bonnier(1857-1909), Hanna Pauli(1864-1940), Helene Schjerfbeck(1862-1946)

I realized I only mentioned male artists. I remember in our Friday lectures we did also talk about a few female artists. Perhaps more related on the subject of the history of Atelier, and perhaps their work exhibits in other places than the ones we visited. 

Speaking of the history of the Atelier, there is something strange and interesting to read about - "Prix de Rome", a French scholarship competition for art students.

That was quite a long post for me, and wow, what an abundance of information packed full of this trimester's lectures. I think our Friday lectures have yet again exceeded my expectations! 

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