Saturday Portrait Club_20161126_Sofia

Saturday Portrait Club_20161126_Sofia

I did not think I can do much with such a complex pose in 3 hours. It turns out, I was surprised by myself! I was panicking after the first 25 mins session. Even though I already have the envelope shape of everything, I realized I cannot get everything in 3 hours the way I hoped to. Good thing was that I snapped out of that thought quickly (since I had no time to waste), and thought instead what I want to have focus on, which was the face and some part of the hair, then if time allows, the hand with the comb. That was how I managed the drawing today. 

I really like how much info I have put down in 3 hours, but on the other hand, I did not do too well on the values in the whole picture. The result is it looks OK up close, but unbalanced from a distance or in small. I also need more practice on drawing hair and hands. : 1

sofia finishedsteps

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