Portrait Club_20170312_t02w09

Portrait Club_20170312_t02w09

I did not feel too great missing 2 portrait sessions this term but am glad we had additional member coming in that filled some gaps. It is however a question still whether Portrait club will continue to run next trimester. Since we don't really have anyone scheduled to sit yet. So here may be the last post on Portrait club but there might be a drapery club instead! ; ) we shall see. Practicing on drawing faces are so challenging but in my own opinion a very good practice. If we cannot practice drawing faces, I am sure there are something else I need to practice and can draw without a model.

Below on the left is the most recent one. I was distracted at first, but realized 2 hours in and erased most. I refocused on looking at the shapes and their relation between the eye sockets, nose and chin. Forgot to take a step picture but I am quite certain I managed to improve the drawing by adjusting my method/ concentration.

Portrait club_shapes

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