Life Drawing_Short Poses_20180130_t05w03

Life Drawing_Short Poses_20180130_t05w03

For the first week we did something quite intense.
we did 3 one hour drawing every day for 3 or 4 days. First, we only use the flat shape simplification to assist us in blocking in the figure. The other days we only used observation focusing on construction to design the block in lines. So we are actually looking intensively at the form, finding the overlaps and landmarks to understand the 3 dimensional aspect. Then the last day we combined the 2 methods and did 2 drawings of 1.5 hour.

1 hour flat shape observation block-in

shorpose block in flat shapes method

1 hour form observation block-in

shortposes block in form obsevation

1.5 hours

block in bootcamp

1.5 hours

shortpose bootcamp block ins

It definitely made a lot of sense having both methods when drawing. one really helps simplify and be more accurate at the proportions, the other will help us design the simplification of lines to make more sense, that way we express the figure with the minimal lines but achieving good representation of gesture. It was also quite fun to just do a one hour drawing, brings some pressure but at the same time quite liberating from our regular daily training.

regular evening drawings 2 hours

shortposes evening

shortposes trimester 05





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