Evening Classes_Écorché_20171014_t04w02

Evening Classes_Écorché_20171014_t04w02

 I wonder if sculpting in clay is the same as 3D modeling on a computer. It turns out it is very different, but also very similar. It is different for the part where I get my hands sticky and it is harder to be precise than with computer, but similar in the way that we are turning the model in different views to scuplt the profile , then front view, then the in-between is added by interpolation of the 2. M said a word for the method we are using, I can't remember what it was, I will ask her again. I should know this... 

finished armature, with the height to the 7th vertebra(the one that points outwards most) being 62 cm.

In the front view the 2 protruding points are the 4th and the 8th ribs, rib cage starts alittle higher than the shoulder/ clavicles. Side view is the rib cage in a tilt, with 3 angle breaks, ending the oval a little in front of the center line(metal bar in the middle) of the human body.

ecorche armature

 Still need to fill in the rest of the rib cage.

ecorche rib cage

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