Value study class, and memory drawing of our 5 week long pose.

The brown pot was hard to judge it's value, had to keep adjusting my value mixtures. Instructor introduced me to use the palette knife, it was really fun making shapes with it. Definitely going to try more of that, especially for studies. Think of all the brushes you won't need to wash!! so missing the point... : P

value study and drawing from memory

The memory drawing above to the right was of my longpose 09, since we've been working on this pose for 4 weeks, it was a good experiment to see if we memorized our pose. There seems to be a connection between drawing from your head and drawing from observation. I never thought I would be able to draw my longpose from memory, but I kind of do remember the pose. Thougg I can't draw all out with details, it's obvious I have been focusing on the knee and shoulder area. I guess there is a point to building my visual library with constant sketching.

Below to the left is a portrait club sketch, to the right is my own project I am planning. Still work in progress, rethinking the image at the moment. Not sure about the facial expression anymore, feels like my idea was once good but now is just stupid.

portrait club v2


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