Turning the form! Repainting and repainting. Trying to find a good way to approach this result. So far I have not found a straight forward way yet. Sometimes putting 2 values softly on top of eachother works, sometimes it just want to make a sharp line between the 2. That's either when I have 2 values with too much difference, or, it could be I need to lay them down softly with a drier brush strock or paint over wet paint and let the 2 values blend together, creating a 3rd tone. So it's between dry brush painting over somewhat dried paint or over wet paint and let them mix. What is that latter one called??!! blending?! $%^&*()_! I'd like to get a consistent result.

cast06 repainting shadow edges with smaller shapes

 repainting thigh and bottom.

cast06 week3

 getting the roundness back

cast 06 week3-4

 Adjusting values and repainting the soft turning waist again.

left: dry brush over semi dried paint (2 values, since it's quite opaque paint with white, it's probably close to a sfumato)

right: wet over wet with more values over and next to eachother. Don't know what this is called. Let's just call it the direct painting method for now. > <"cast06 week 05

Repainting of upper left back and shoulder area.

repainting cast 06 back and shoulder

Really don't like the podium, but still need to face it and do something about it. It's making the whole picture look bad. Maybe I'll use this chance to try painting with the palett knife.

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