New cast setup.

cast set up

 Spent a week on the transfer drawing. It's helpful to use drawing as a way to study for the problems to come. But it became clear to me now that I really need time to learn to draw with the paint brushes. 

transfer drawing

cast 06 back of venus transfer drawing

 Value studies

cast 06 value study

 transfering a small sketch with oil to do more studies with values.

oil transfer for many small value studies

 Second week, first big flat blocks of value shapes, then slowly move to smaller shapes and smaller vaue jumps to turn the form .

cast06 week02

As I was trying to turn the form of the cast, I needed to soften some edges, in the process of doing so, I lost the drawing almost completely, now it's going to take some time to get it back as well as keeping the form. Probably should spend a lot more time messing with it. drop some other things I'm doing might be necessary .

 Repainting again and again , softening the edges and turning the form.

cast 06 week01-03



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