Evening Classes_Studies_20170624_t03w11_draperyWater

Evening Classes_Studies_20170624_t03w11_draperyWater

Okay, obvious perspective in the bin kind of mistake. Truthfully, did not see it coming out this wrong when drawing it. When I think back how the h I made such horrific mistake, I realized I was sitting, looking down, with a glass window in the way, plus having the drawing pad in my hand prohbited me standing back to look at my drawing at a distance. All of these reasons made it look ridiculous. 

I shall improve on my sketching setup next time, to avoid discouraging results. At lease the value study was not totally a failure, I also have a chance to observe the water movement in life, study how to express wave and bubbles... should this perhaps be my next study focus?

study class waterfall


last drapery of this trimester, i think it was good focus, I am less scared of drapery now. Still need to work on seeing values and designing them. Don't know to to improve that yet. Tell me if you know how, please!


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