Evening Classes_Studies_20170425_t03w02_drapery

Evening Classes_Studies_20170425_t03w02_drapery

Ha, our school skeleton really comes in handy. I've been wanting to do some fabric studies for a while. I thought I would copy da Vinci's drapery studies, but instead I was recommended to observe and draw from actual cloth. This was great, since it really required me to make the decisions myself, at the same time, I also use the masters drapery studies as study aid. It might take me some time to understand the essence of properly expressing fabrics like the old masters, but the sooner I start the better!

evening classes_drapery studies week02

First time study.(above)

Designing the light shapes is not as easy as I thought, so the next one I tried a line drawing as suggested, it looks a lot more like cloth and folds for some reason. It's obvious there's something I am missing...

Second time.(below)

Did not have enough time to work with values, it definitely does not work. Another instructor mentioned the used of toned paper for such studies, it sounds like a good idea, think I will do that next session. 

evening class_drapery studies

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