As values are one thing I care very much to be awesome at, it make sense that I shall use any spare time I have to work on improving this aspect. Rock studies as I mentioned before, was recommended. As well as simply drawing more and observing from life. So here's another one. It's nice and simple, and it's from the same rock as I drawn before, I am a lot more familiar with it. This time from a different angle, I thought I would draw 10 of these from the same rock and different views. This will allow me the time to familiarize myself with the decision making from the big value planes, line qualities and many shots at getting shapes down and changing them to my hearts content or sticking with my decision and seeing the difference between 2 drawings.

rocks v0,2

 As rocks are stationary and are valuable to my studies, I also wanted to study something with a smoother form. So thus my face comes into the picture, as I am free to use my own face as long as I have time and space. So it's really another project I planned to do on my spare time.  

self portraits steps 1-6


self portrait steps 7-12


self portrait steps 13-18

 By doing these studies, I am encountering more often the issues I have with values, at the same time get to practice my decision making on line qualities. Over modeling seems to be the result of me not being sure to my initial big value arrangements, it was very clear in the self portraits steps. I marked some areas as defined shadows but left some open lines to confuse myself. The cheek on the darker side is either dark halftones or in shadow, I cannot decide. It's a real problem. Partly I believe, just need to keep trying it out, partly because there are some missing logical information I have not pieced together. Off we go with a pen and paper to chat with a scientist...

Cool tiny tiny 3 hour painting we did, was really scared before starting, but thought it was a refreshing and liberating exercise afterwards.

tiny painting value study

Meant to do more master copies to practice the handling of form and values.

Russian master copy

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