Tonal studies of Bouguereau's Laurore(Dawn), First separated in 3 values(right), then did another(left) to see what the difference would be with 4 values.

tonal composition studies valu studies

One observation study with a small rock (upper). I tried different grouping of the light and shadow shape, it's very interesting to do experiments like this. Then I focused on the details around the shadow line. Later added in more details in the halftone and light areas. 

my first self portrait steps

 Another practice is study the turning form on a face, in this case, my face. Setting up took some figuring out, the first one I ended up standing way too close(top), but was then able to get it close to life sized putting the easel further behind the mirror. Then talked to Z and pointed out an important information to me, that our reflection stays the same size even when we move back in space. I should know that, we learned this in physics class... anyway, thanks to Z for pointing that out. I was scratching my head wondering why it wont get bigger when I move back. Imagine that scenario... sigh, there are times like this when I'm not sure if my brain is functioning properly. ><

2 self portraits compare shadowlines only

 So did another one with a little more distance from the mirror, still difficult to interpret the turning form. Observe, observe and observe.

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