Life Drawing_Long Pose 03_WIP_20170213_t02w05

Life Drawing_Long Pose 03_WIP_20170213_t02w05

I have been waiting to get a better look at the area of the rib cage but no luck. I could say that I picked a pose that just does not seem to happen again, but I am guessing the real reason is I really don''t know what I am looking for. i.e. how far does the turn of the rib cage goes out from the torso, at what height is the angle break for that more breathed in, held-back chest. The other thing would be just finishing some finer shading of smaller shapes of halftones. I could use the practice so should perhaps focus more on this aspects for the remaining 3 days.


It almost looks all that much better up-side-down. I am still very unhappy with the state of this drawing. I thought I would be faster and be at the stage of refining halftones. I think I am discovering my new nemesis, or old, I am slow and indecisive at halftones in my light shape. Now that I am aware of it is a good thing, I aim to work on this now.

longpose_week5_02 upsidedown

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