Life Drawing_Long Pose 03_WIP_20170206_t02w04

I added in the background this week. Pretty much following the value study. My main goal with the background was to get it to a smooth and singular value. This then allows easier value adding and changes. ex. the bottom left corner, I wanted it to be darker to express depth.
I also have been quite puzzled by my drawing of the life model. There is something off and it does not look like her or the pose, but I don't know why. It's been bugging me all week. That's partially why I try to put in the background as quickly as I can, because I want to spend more time next week on looking and comparing my drawing during the sessions.
The drawing on the right seems to have so much more gesture than the one on the left. I've lost the drawing since. Perhaps my observation recently have been not as accurate as previous week?

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