Life Drawing_Long Pose 02_WIP_20161117

Life Drawing_Long Pose 02_WIP_20161117

Wow, it was hard to get out of bed today. I thought the sky looked wired and then it started raining hail. I was late but made it into the model room at 10 am. So, instead of starting a new study, I decided to step back and have a good look at my drawing from yesterday. I thought I was exaggerating the shoulder to make this pose more interesting, but lovely instructor thought perhaps not. Just some minor changes to the clavicle and trapezius, mostly lowering them.

After some small changes to the head and arm, I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about my values, or more so my light and shadow areas. Since it did not go so well for me in the previous pose. This angle of the pose has a lot of light, so after some time in confusion I brought out the magic black mirror. I think the division in the study is quite good now. The next thing would be to think about how to represent them in forms of line with variations. >< any suggestions or... wish me luck?


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