Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161021

Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161021

Just when I was thinking how amazingly well I am doing with my start of long pose, Instructor came in today and gave me a shocking comment. I kind of forgot most of it, and the only thing I remembered was "I think you should lose all the fuzz". Because at this point, I had already put in a very light tone into my shadow shapes. It's very hard to see in a photograph, so I've adjusted the curve in hope to show more of the "fuzz" I had made in my drawing, let me know if you can or cannot see "the fuzz". (It's times like this holds me to chose against my Taiwanese fellows over S.Korea's Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile screen, you can see all the details on my phone!)

long poses_wip_20161020 originallong poses_wip_20161020 curveAdjustedlong poses_wip_20161020 levelAdjusted


I did not understand the comment well enough I think. The instructor said that checking proportions to adjust outlines and light shapes are not of linear progression, but more of continuous, simultaneous progress. I now think he was perhaps talking more generally than specific to my "fuzziness". I did however, despite not understanding fully, erased all my toned shapes and eventually erased some outline in response to the comment that "we should always check our proportions".

That would have been a good comment, had I understood how exactly do I check proportions for long poses, but I did not. So I think what I have now is a mixture of 2 or 3 slightly different angles of the model. >_<  Of course the model is always moving a little, but instead of looking and judging if the pose I am looking at/ drawing from is the one that I want on my paper, I put down what I guessed would be right. 

I guessed wrong.

long pose_wip_20161021curveAdjusted

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