Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161010,11,12,13

Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161010,11,12,13

This week we start our first 5 week long pose, but we are only doing smaller versions the first week to study the pose. Below are small studies:

First one I was eager to get to more details of the pose, adding nose and hand...



The next one I took a step backwards, focused only on getting proportions right, you can see my sight-sized mark on the side, height of figure, head size...



When I started for the third one, I was apparently too excited about getting the shadow shapes and too quickly filled in some tones. I was instructed to erase my tones and focus on more detailed shadow line/ shape. Check the 2 images below for before and after.

simple shapes with unecessary tones:



More detailed shadow and light shape differences:

(instructors comment: but need to think more of the design of the light shape be closer to the visual impression of this stage.)


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