Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161103

Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161103

Taking the advice and interpretation from the previous session, I rethought about the way I interpret the shadow lines on the legs and lightened the lines on the lower legs. As one clever guy said "to distinguish high contrast from low contrast". The lower legs are not receiving as much direct lighting, so it makes sense not to draw too much attention to that part.

I just realized something awesome, I wonder if you did also. One instructor once said to me( in response to my question on how to decide the shadow lines), "It's not about the shadow shapes, it's only about the light shape. In fact, it is so important, we often forget to talk about it." And that is exactly what happened there. When you find yourself stuck with some difficult shadow line decisions, try to forget about the shadows. Look instead from the light shape, does the light shape make sense?


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