Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161102

Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161102

Perhaps I made some progress today.

I finally decided to change the standing leg because the model has not been in that extreme pose for nearly a whole week. I figured that this was one of the reasons why I am frustrated everyday in the model room. I do have to say the change of leg looks ok at first glance, but not at all an interesting pose for me. I would much prefer the pose in the most relaxed position. However, perhaps for now changing him from the more hunched back/ neck into the more recent straighter back, looking up, belly in, would make the pose more harmonious.

But do I want to change it now? lol

Aside from getting the pose's outline, the comment I got today was mainly about my shadow lines. First, I should try to make the lines thinner, and second is the quality of the lines. So below is how I understood the comments with some other students' help:

thinner lines with much lighter value and variation, think in terms of relative value to exaggerate the difference between high contrast areas from low contrast areas. Thank you so much!!  ; ) It finally made sense.

Line qualities could mean more distinction from soft and sharp edges( boney parts as one said),  plus more indication on how the lines turn depending on what kind of forms the shadow falls on.

Let's call this a day, cheers!

longpose WIP 20161102

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