Life Drawing_Long Pose 04_WIP_20170403_t02w11_Alpha

Life Drawing_Long Pose 04_WIP_20170403_t02w11_Alpha

With the 2 images below you can see the major steps I took to complete this drawing. This includes one important bad decision I made but learned a lot from, in the image right below, the 3rd figure from the left. This was a result of losing perspective of the whole picture. Instead of working on shading shapes in a close group of values, I should do a value study first, understand the big value differences. Keying and setting the values in the small study then apply it in the big drawing. 

longpose life drawing in progress_ in stages part 01longpose life drawing in progress_ in stages part 02

So a better progression could have been like this (image below), skipping the part where I forgot about the big impression.

longpose life drawing good progression

The final drawing. (image below) Note the differences between the value study on this image versus the one on top. I also had to improve on my value study quite a lot and thus my values on the big drawing.

longpose life drawing final version with value study

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