Life Drawing_Long Pose 09_WIP_20180217_t05w06

Life Drawing_Long Pose 09_WIP_20180217_t05w06

week 2-3

Correcting face and finding edges.

longpose standing week 03



Adding halftones, darkening shadows to turn the form.

longpose 09 week04


week 4

Adjusting light and shadow contrast, bring back the light in the light shape and compressing the values inside shadow shape.longpose09 week 05

week 5

thought I would make her Lady Justice... since classmate A had a sword I could borrow ><

longpose09 week 05 adding a sword

Spent this last week refining shapes, some small shape on the hip area to give it more finished resolution.

Need more time to practice edge control, just like the value contrast. Again, using the contrast between soft and sharp edges is easy to say but hard to do. JUST LIKE IN PAINTING. I need to think a bit more about how to do that properly, there is a missing link that's keeping me from doing it. Do I see the difference in edges?

close up of detail shapes and edge control

But ... Lady justice would also need a scale of the old kind... after a few long days thinking, it would be too intrusive to my model drawing if I were to put a balance in her other hand, but where else should the Lady justice hold her scale then...

sowrd to forest

Perhaps I should drop the sword for another piece. Keeping this one in the forest, "Calm Waters".

Final version

longpose 09 FAA forest scene

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