Life Drawing_Long Pose 09_WIP_20180130_t05w03

Life Drawing_Long Pose 09_WIP_20180130_t05w03

Having realized the difficulties with using Arches water color paper last trimester. I wanted to fill the holes a little better this time on my last longpose drawing. don't seem to be getting there yet. I did however try erasing a thin layer then also tried using a brush to brush off the charcoal . This allowed some more holes to be filled in. Looking a lot less disturbing to my eyes when judging values.

longpose09 week01

By focusing on dealing with the paper problem, I also completely forgot the big impression. The value relation is the most important thing to put in at this stage. Anyway, this is a recurring mistake I make, just put that in quickly now, and will aim to adjust them along the way, and soon add higher resolution on top of that.

Would really like to make something more finished.

longpose09 week02


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