Life Drawing_Long Pose 08_WIP_20171226_t04w11

Life Drawing_Long Pose 08_WIP_20171226_t04w11

 After the constructive drawing week of the figure, we start over on a new piece of paper again. I ran out of Roma paper, so I used my newly toned Arches water color paper.

block in shadow lines

At first I had a fairly distinct shape of shadow and light on the leg on the right hand side, but by stage 3 I had decided that the whole leg except the top of the thigh is in shadow. Because I thought it looked so dark, that means it is shadow. Then I was reminded that a good basic rule to help with deciding shadow and light, is to look at where direct light hits on the surface. No matter how little or how dark it may seem, if it is direct light hitting, it is a light shape, it just have a lot of dark halftones.


longpose step4-6

 Step 7 and 8 is when I started fixing the over-modeling in the abdominal area. Didn't manage to finish polishing the shapes, but the lighter value is working a little better with the area.  

longpose steps 7-8


Need to bring back a lot more definition, the form of the abdominal is missing due to the lack of shapes. Might have worked faster if I just lighten up the shapes instead of redrawing them back in. The fight between form and over-modeling is still going on. 

longpose compare closeup

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