Life Drawing_Long Pose 08_WIP_20171125_t04w08

Life Drawing_Long Pose 08_WIP_20171125_t04w08

 First week of this longpose we had J (wonderful to have J back!) as guest lecturer and practiced constructive drawing method. We use the center line and compare it to a plumb line to get the gesture and check accuracy. In this case, we check how the pit of the neck lines up with the bottom of the sternum, the naval and the gesture of the leg. This help us make sense of the proportion and direction of turning when the model moves.

longpose construction drawing practice turning the big form

The next stage is to model the form thinking in terms of big shapes, oval shaped heads and rib cage, cylindrical arms and legs. Then we see what planes are facing away from direct light source and what are in between (halftones). This helps deciding the shadow and light separation. later on working on the local areas, it also helps to model the form thinking in terms of what shape is this area made of.

construction drawing add chalk

 The start of the long pose on the second week, another drawing of the same pose, this time for 4 weeks, the academic way.

block in and shadow line


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