Life Drawing_Long Pose 07_WIP_20171113_t04w06

Life Drawing_Long Pose 07_WIP_20171113_t04w06

20171113_t04w06 longpose life drawing 5 week charcoal chalk

Lighting on this setup was bright and soft. It was getting a little hard to keep the big impression. To keep the values as unified as possible, I grouped all on the right side as shadow, all on left as light shape.

Later I wanted to key the little light spot on top if the thigh on the right as part of the light shape, causing a little conflicts in my shadow values in the standing leg. Also worked a bit in the values on the light shape. Keeping the big rounded form of the stomach but showing the smaller form of the abdominal muscle. It looks okay, but would like to find out how to go further with it.
The values on the leg on the right side works well on its own, but must have gotten left behind during the later part of the process. It seems quite separate from the rest of he body. This might be the reason why I don't see a very good big value impression. What I mean by that is it confuses my eyes a little, not the most well designed big value groups.
I was not happy with how far I was able to bring it to finish. Similar problem with my cast, did not get the fine details. However, on the figure, I did not know what more I could add or how to. I do know it is a matter of resolution, layer on top of layer, going into smaller value differences, better detailed/designed shapes. Just the doing it is... well, I have not been able to do that. Neither seeing nor making the marks. : (

20171113_t04w06 longpose Steps01


20171113_t04w06 longstanding pose step02


20171113_t04w06 long pose final steps


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