Life Drawing_Long Pose 07_WIP_20171014_t04w02

Life Drawing_Long Pose 07_WIP_20171014_t04w02

Just going to try to implement the big impression, staying in simple block in for as long as I can, adjusting the lines to describe the big impression while being able to see more things thta are wrong and change them.

first 3 days A4 studies, trying to get different poses down on paper for future reference. How far does the upper torso and the relaxed leg goes from the standing hip? how much bend in the leg and how big the angle change?

longpose07 studies

Big block in, working on the big impression at the same time trying to stay as few lines as possible, on top of that varying the line qualities to get it closer to the visual impression.  

Boy, I know what I am saying, but I don't know how to do it. 

longpose step

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