Life Drawing_Long Pose 05_WIP_20170522_t03w06

Life Drawing_Long Pose 05_WIP_20170522_t03w06

This is my final version of the fifth longpose. It is obvious now that I need to work on my values. A recommendation is to look at Charles Bargues design of shapes, this somehow will help me improve my handling of values. Let's work from there then!

life drawing long pose female sitting pose

longpose 05 week06 Alpha version 

Finding shapes and filling holes on paper.

lifedrawing long siiting pose value


Here below I can see traces of myself being unsure of what to do with the values. *o*life model drawing long pose sitting female 3 step shapes

Was explained to me what is over-modeling. Now fixing over-modeling (below), lighten up clavicle and shoulder area on left side, after that was again confused of what my decision of light and shadow was. 這個「色值」概念我學得沒頭沒腦的,快要昏倒了!!!

life drawing long pose female sitting over-modeling

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