Life Drawing_Long Pose 05_WIP_20170425_t03w02

Life Drawing_Long Pose 05_WIP_20170425_t03w02

Long pose number 5, I can't believe it is my 5th long pose already... well, I guess I can kind of believe that, since I am not 20 years old anymore...

first week is only small A4 studies as usual, below from left to right is my progression in my studies of this pose. lfet to right - first, second and third. I think it's feels more fluent at the last one. This is why we need studies.

longpose week01 A4 studies

This pose was also changed a few times, this half sitting pose was causing some back pain for our dear model, and just a chance to draw different poses for the students.

long pose leaning standing pose

Finally started on the big Roma paper today, ready to push this forward.

long pose current progress on Roma paper

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