Starting painting was crazy. Now I know all the things I had not mastered from drawing, I am going into painting. Carrying those issues into my painting reminded me of the times trying to decipher binary numbers back into code in computer architecture classes. Brain bending exercises, puzzling and fun. Feeling like an idiot or a genius was either true or false, nothing in between. 

Cast painting

Ear Cast painting final version. (above)

ear cast steps 1-5

Repainting the earlobe, number 4 was the closest so far, next time would probably be better if I just stick to neutral grays. One thing less to juggle.

repaint earlobe closer look

repaint compare v01

repaint compare v2

repaint compare v3

repaint compare v4

 I might try painting something simple with more blending strokes on my own time to see the difference. See if I can maintain shapes and blend the values a little it. 

repaint compare 2vs4


v4 close up

v4 closeup 02

v4 closeup 03

earlobe compare closeup


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