20171113_t04w06 cast costanza bust Alpha

I am beginning to sound very negative. That is not what my aim is, but to find out and record what I know and don't know. I guess since there is a lot I still don't know, what I write down is in majority negative. So, bear with me for another "I know nothing" blog post.

Quite disappointed with my cast on the last day. I did miss a whole week on this but, if I knew what I could do to bring it to finish, I could have done a lot in one day. One if the big problem is that I don't see it.  

When I was comparing mine to the ones from previous work of alumni, I see so much more and so much depth. My set up was completely different, very light shadows, lots of reflective light. Perhaps pushing the shadows much darker would help increase sense of depth, but the rest of the details, it's not too obvious to me, maybe simply needs more time.

20171113_t04w06 Costanza Steps03

20171113_t04w06 Bernini costanza steps04


20171113_t04w06 Cast Costanza steps 05


20171113_t04w06 Cast Costanza steps 06


20171113_t04w06 Cast Costanza steps final

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