So the cast developed well, I was spending a lot of time on it. Being clear on the light and shadow shape is so important when it comes to keying values. Once I know what area I want to be shadow, nothing in that area should be brighter than anything inside a light shape. Nothing in the light should ever be darker than those in the shadow. Many wise man had said that before.

Thank you, M, for the beautiful and professional picture of my drawing. It looks amazing in your picture.

student gallery FAA Niccolo da Uzzano

So really, the difficult job should be "how to decide where is light and where is shadow". Ah, going a circle and back to the beginning... letäs continue a little more on this topic in the next biweekly, where I review my new issues with my fourth cast, one of the so called "landmark projects". Was not thinking of it that way until our dear principal reminded us this week. Now I am so very nervous about it. 3 months off drawing now seem like a stupid decision. !Ö! 





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