Last week, Week 05, was the last week for cast 02. We started another cast on week 06. see week06 new cast post here:

I had a lot of fun with this cast. Even though did not manage to bring it to a more unified finish, still learned a whole lot.

We talked about " over-modeling". This term a explained to me something like this, correct me if I am wrong: relative values in a small area makes logical sense to eachother, but when looking at these many small areas all together, the value relation does not work as a whole. This just means that I need to step back and think about my big light and darks. And another point mentioned was, sometimes, when over-modeling happens, it's often because our contour lines are not explaining the form well enough. This leads to using to many values to turn the form, smoothing and shading too much, and easily lose track of value ranges in that area. 

cast death mask

Atmospheric effects is also something we talked about, I'm mentioning it again to remind myself that I have not yet explore and understand what could make a drawing more atmospheric. Need to experiment more with the next cast. I have a feeling it will make drawings even cooler!

cast death mask Theodore Gericault final

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