New cast set up in the cast room. We had quite a few new students this trimester, so needed to say goodbye to the Bargue room. 

cast02 Death Mask of Theodore Gericault

This is picked by my artefact enthusiast classmate, he is interested in death masks. We saw a death mask of Nietzsche 尼采, the great philosopher. This death mask we are drawing is of Theodore Gericault, a early 19th century painter, known by his painting "The raft of the Medusa 梅杜莎之筏"  I am so glad I am here at school, surrounded by wonderful and enthusiastic fellow classmates, learning things I would have not if on my own.

left to right - block in, shadow line dark and light, shadow line sharp and soft (stage 1)

cast02_death mask of Theodore Gericault

after having defined the shadow lines and light shape, I out in a even tone of grey to help me see the shapes better, in order to make more adjustments in accuracy and interpretation of line qualities. After that it seems to be a bit distracting not having a dark back ground as the set up, so was instructed to put in a value in the back ground so the white paper in the back does not jump out as much.

cast02_stepshadow line and background initial stage

I then worked more with the shadow line and fixing small things related to widths and heights. Then darkened the background value to distinguish the difference between background black and shadows on cast. Because I pushed the black background so dark, the shadow value on cast is too light in comparison. This is when we use the card called the visual impression again, and bring the value of background and shadow closer.

Now (furthest to the right) I feel my value in the shadow of the cast os so dark, it has diminished my shadow lines, therefor loosed the effect it had on turning the form. Or maybe I just need to soften the edges?

cast02_death mask

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