cast face 01 final version

Definitely learned a lot from drawing this cast. I thought since I have an idea what the first stage of a light/ shadow shape is about, I wanted to challenge myself with very smooth transitions of values in the light shape. In particular, identifying and breaking down more shapes that are closer in values. I do think that after this I should go back and focus on the shadow lines once again, since I did find out how important it is. It makes all the difference!

ugly layoutI thought about being lazy and just use simple app to compose the step images like this (image on the left); but I really did not want to be the multimedia specialist with the  worst image layout style *0*. So it took some more time finishing this post, editing on this poor tiny laptop.



cast01 good layout show stages



thank you!


Wow, very nice overview of your workflow! Thank you for sharing this!


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