So I was measuring too much for the first 2 days. What I understood now is that measuring is the last thing I should resort to. So what is the right way to approach a Bargue? Ideally, we should eye our widths and heights to construct the envelope shape. Then we try to see shapes in our Bargues to help us see better at what is not right with ours in comparison. We then change it again and again, until we think it's good. Then we find other ways to check, such as relations between points... Then change it again and again until we are satisfied. Then the last thing you do is use your string to measure and compare the distances from afar. Then you change it again and again. This image shows the result of me measuring up close from my Bargue plate to my drawing, simply out of curiousity how far off I am. I found that I have made things too wide, and have difficulties getting the height right. They are either too tall or too short. Interesting, isn't it?!


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