I finally feel like I've made some progress! As the drawing is pretty close to finish, it gets harder and harder to find things to fix. Especially to find the right things to fix.

Amazingly, as I was almost getting impatient with my "somehow odd but can't tell what's wrong" Bargue. I stood back and just stared at it for a long time. I looked and looked and I saw it!! There it was, top right was off, my initial opinion is that it's too wide on the top right part. After a small discussion with my fellow classmates, I decided to look again. This time I remembered to compared the relationship between points and shapes! 

It is so cool that I  am utilizing the techniques I was just taught not too long ago! And it actually does help, I am happy.

I put together a before / after comparison. Take a look and see if you think there's improvements. You are welcome to comment!

Bargue wip progress_ comparison20161031

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