My love-hate relationship with a Bargue.
Only 2 weeks left till winter break. I still have a lot to do, but I think I learned something over last week with some help from a dear friend.

I was beginning to drown myself in the thought that I am not doing what I should have learned to do, seeing shapes like a natural. I feel like I am not improving as fast as I should. Plus, being around artists with critical eyes most of my days does not help me feel much better either.

That's all behind me now (well, at least until next time). Important thing is not to get stressed over these thoughts. Don't let this feeling stop you from learning, doing, advancing! So I focused and thought of what I need to do and did what I think I should do. Past week I've been fixing shapes to the best I can, and just at the end of today I thought I would reward myself by adding some accent to the lower left corner. yoohoo!


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