I must admit, the reason why I have not updated my progress on my Bargue-02 is because progress has been slow, sometimes none. The main thing was that I have not been able to concentrate and see shapes.

Another reason is that I am afraid of the new medium, charcoal on Roma paper. I have put lines and shading in too dark too early, that was supposed to help me see shapes and then correct them. The problem was my lines were so dark, it leaves quite a dark tone on the paper, then in order to see my new marks, I then have to make marks darker then the erased marks. So every time I make a change, my paper gets messier. 

I think I finally made some progress after 2 weeks, I now made new adjustments to the shapes on the bottom left corner, and the hand I keep redrawing up and down, left and right, is now somewhat less irritating to my eyes. Tomorrow I think I should start practicing " hatching and shading with forms in mind". I will let you know what that means when I find out. : S

Some talks about finding my plane breaks and straight lines again. Idea is how to use the optimal amount of straight lines to best resemble the shape/ form. Still need more practice on that, especially on something so smooth and round like arms and muscles...



This is what I had to do, erased a layer of charcoal off my entire drawing to match the value range of the plate, since my white is a lot lighter than the plate's white.


The next one is me fighting with the hand. Erasing, redrawing back and forth, higher or lower, wider and narrower. That was 1 whole week gone.


At last, status of today. Better hand (I hope), redefined shapes in lower left corner.


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