Life Drawing_Short Poses_20161129

Life Drawing_Short Poses_20161129

Another sitting pose. Sitting poses are difficult, so I guess we should draw as many as we could to improve.

I found the legs most challenging in these 2 sitting pose. The distance between 2 knees changes, the facing of the knees changes direction, then the plane breaks between the thigh and knees seems to also change dramatically. This will then increase or decrease the distance between the lower legs and sometime the 2 crossing feet. 

That is why the instructor was very right to ask us keep our lines simple and staright, this will allow us quickly find forms and judge distances of them, then quickly change or correct them. That was today's practice. In my second image below, I have too complicated lines and too much info, so the comment was to erase lots of lines and focus more on contour lines, mainly width, height and some important overlaps.


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