Life Drawing_Long Pose 02_WIP_20161117-1205

Life Drawing_Long Pose 02_WIP_20161117-1205

Wow, I completely forgot to update on my long pose.

Long story short, lets look at some step images of work-in-progress.

long pose_02_WIP step 01long pose_02_WIP step 02long pose_02_WIP step 03long pose_02_WIP step 04

I quite like the shoulders in this one(image above, on the right side), don't know how to get it back.

long pose_02_WIP step 05

long pose_02_WIP step 06long pose_02_WIP step 07

Today I was focusing on simplifying my shapes. Too many lines and too much information. I have to come up with a logical design.

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